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Random Linux: Roulette

Make randomization easy

Random has three modes that you can use to do nearly any randomizing function you need. With these three modes, you can do a lot. You can pick how many candies to eat, what movie to watch, who goes first in the shower, and more.

Random Linux: Number

Use advanced functions

Random has advanced functions, such as converting a range of numbers to be picked in Roulette, and removing the picked item in Roulette. With these extended functions, you can pick people for specific jobs without rolling one person twice, and many other things.

Random Linux: Coin

Be secure and private

Random does not have any unnessescary permissions, and is inside the Flatpak sandbox, further lessening security problems. The final protection is that Random is coded in the open, and everybody can see how it works right here.


What keyboard shortcuts can I use for Random?

In addition to what is mentioned in thr shortcuts window, F10 opens the Random menu, Ctrl + W or Ctrl + Q will quit Random, and Ctrl + C will copy your result.

I put my smaller number in the To: box instead of the From: box, will Random still work?

Random is designed to avoid confusion, so as long as you have a range of numbers between the two boxes, even if they are in the wrong order, Random will still work.

Can I use Random on my Chromebook?

Random is distributed using Flatpak, and Chrome OS supports Flatpak, so yes. See the Flatpak setup guide for details.

I use macOS or Windows. Can I use Random?

Flatpak is not supported on either of these platforms; until further notice, neither are supported.

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