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How do I generate a number?

Random starts up in the Number view. Put your smaller number in the To: box (for example, 15) and the larger number in the From: box. Then, click Generate and it will select a number in that range. You may also press Ctrl + G to do this.

How do I spin the Roulette?

You have to switch views to use Roulette. Once you’re in Roulette, add items using the + icon. There should be a text box- put your options there. Then, press Ctrl + G or Pick, and it will pick.

How do I flip a coin?

You have to switch views to use Coin. Once you’re in the view, click Flip the Coin, and it will pick heads or tails for you. You may also press Ctrl + G to do this.

How can I switch views?

There are three methods. Depending on the size of your window, there will be a bar at the bottom or the top of Random. You can: Click the different icons with labels; Press Ctrl + Tab; or select it using the arrow keys or Tab and press Enter on the one highlighted.

Can I convert from Number to Roulette?

Yes. Enter your range of numbers like in Number, except click the gray button with the Number-Roulette icon. It should switch to the Roulette view with the numbers filled in. Note that this function will NOT delete any pre-existing entries. Use Remove All to do that.

Can I pick an item in Roulette and delete it after?

Of course! Switch to the Roulette view, but instead of clicking Generate, open the three-dots menu and click Delete drawn items. It should toggle on, and now do the desired deletion.

Can I paste in my options in Roulette?

Pasting items in is easy in Random. First, you must have a list copied to your clipboard, like Layla/Rose/Cleveland/Lampy. Then, in Roulette, open the three dots menu and click Paste from clipboard. It should bring up a dialog, where you put in what the list items are separated by (in this example, a slash) and it will import the items.

Can I remove all options in Roulette?

Yes, it’s possible! Open the three dots menu and click Remove All. All the items are removed now, and you have a clean slate!

You click the icon with three lines on it, or you press F10. It should now present you with a menu of options to choose.

Can I copy my results?

Sure. Open the menu and select Copy Item, or press Ctrl + C. Your item’s copied now!